COVID-19 Affecting Grocery Stores

During this hectic time you all may be experiencing some difficulties at grocery stores, or just regular stores! I went to a grocery store today and I saw many people who looked guarded and scared, and others who looked happy and chilled out, it was kind of scary. Some people were so secure they wore heavily guarded masks and gloves, and I get it they want to be protected, that’s totally understandable. I walked in and I see one-third of the grocery store isles completely empty, I was so shocked!! They even had rules that on some items you could only take two of each, for example, milk, eggs, paper towels, toilet paper, water cases, etc. Also, some of the employees were wearing gloves, like I said, I was so shocked. I guess I never thought a virus like this one could severely impact our social life,  communication, grocery stores, even malls and general stores, you get the point. So you guys know the drill, eat healthy, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, sneeze/cough into your elbow, and clean most used surfaces, and one more thing, the stores are all closed so go for a walk with your family, bike, or possibly go for a run, just get some fresh air, and if you live somewhere where you can’t leave your house then do some push-ups or jumping jacks, just get some exercise and stay healthy.



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One thought on “COVID-19 Affecting Grocery Stores

  1. Dear Sofia,
    Thank you for writing such an uplifting blog post. Even though there are shocking things, like a limit on what you can buy at the grocery store: you ended up encouraging people to get out and embrace exercise.
    Powerful advice from a powerful spirit! Thank you and keep blogging.
    Mrs. D

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