Grateful and Sad

I know that the end of everyone’s school year wasn’t planned the way we thought it was gonna be, some people aren’t very happy about it and others are very chill. In my opinion I am sad and ok with it, I feel these two ways because even though I don’t get to finish off school seeing my teachers in person I still got to do so many Zoom’s with them, even my P.E teacher and music teacher, and I know that not a lot of school had their P.E teacher and music teacher do Zoom meetings, so I am very grateful that my school did. Now I am sad because lots of students including me don’t get to see our teachers in person for the end of the year, and I feel a huge sorrow for seniors in high school because their prom and graduation and all their activities got either postponed or cancelled, so I feel a great sorrow for them. Same with middle school and elementary school, 8th graders are going to high school without seeing their middle school teachers physically, and some schools have sixth grade in elementary school, so when they go to middle school  they’re going to a different school and they won’t get to see their 6th grade teachers for an end of the year good-bye, and that really sad too. So in conclusion, I am very sorry for every kid in the world who doesn’t get to see their teacher in person and I am also very sorry for the way that this virus is changing everything in everyone’s lives, BUT to stay positive we must look AT the positive!



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