Hi Everyone! I know it’s been a really long time, with the pandemic going on and everyone at school I bet everyone is pretty busy. So I’m here to bring a message, if you’re reading this breath, three times in, three times out. When you’re done don’t leave this message, please stay and read the Read More…

Fact Of The Day #41

Did you know it’s physically impossible to lick you elbow? Try any angle you’d like, it’s not possible, this is because your tongue is too short to reach your elbow.

Fact Of The Day #40

Did you know the Chimpanzees are the smartest animal in the world? Chimps can use the environment and their surroundings to help themselves and their community, Chimps can also work out how to use things(branches, sticks, rocks, etc.)as tools to get things done faster.

Grateful and Sad

I know that the end of everyone’s school year wasn’t planned the way we thought it was gonna be, some people aren’t very happy about it and others are very chill. In my opinion I am sad and ok with it, I feel these two ways because even though I don’t get to finish off Read More…

Fact Of The Day #38

Did you know Deer’s have no gall bladders?! Deer only need about 3% of their fat in their diet, and bile serves to emulsify fat in the diet, so, because Deer do not seek out fatty foods, this process is not necessary. I think that’s pretty cool!            

Just Wondering!

I know I have been writing a lot of Fact Of The Days about animals so I’m just wondering if you guys want me to write facts about other things like plants, people, the world, etc. Please comment below if you have a request!      

Fact Of The Day #37

Did you know the Colossal and Giant Squid are the 2 animals that have the largest eyes in the world?! It measures 27cm (11in) in diameter! That’s really big for an eye!    

Book Review-Dr. Dolittle

Because of this pandemic I have been reading quite a bit, and I love animals, as you may have noticed from my Daily Facts, but anyway, I have been reading Dr. Dolittle a LOT, and I feel like my four idols are Steve Irwin, Jack Randall, Jane Goodall, and Dr. Dolittle. I love Hugh Lofting’s Read More…

Fact Of The Day #36

Did you know there is an animal called a Quokka, and that the Quokka is known to be the happiest animal on the planet?! This is because when they pant their mouths open like a dogs and it looks like they’re smiling, they also will walk up to people and greet them.       Read More…