My 10k

January 19, 2020 was such an amazing day. Chasing the wind, letting the wind blow in my hair, it was amazing. Seeing all those people in front of me and behind me is crazy, thousands of people though, thousands. Running with my dad and training for this moment and knowing and thinking, “I can do this almost there, this is what you’ve trained for Sofia”. It just felt like all my worries went away when I heard that buzzer. And seeing all the photographers and drones snapping pictures of me and my dad and everyone else around me was amazing, and the feeling of ice-cold water getting poured onto my face and into my mouth was incredible. The excitement of live bands and people screaming and cheering everyone on was awesome. Knowing that I’m going to finish strong and proud is just plain amazing. Feeling my feet pacing me and my heart beating so fast I can’t breathe or talk is amazing. Getting that feeling when that heavy medal was placed on my neck and knowing and thinking, “I did it!”, is amazing. Running a 10k(6.2 miles)with my dad is amazing. 




One thought on “My 10k

  1. Wow! What an accomplishment you made happen for yourself. Reading your feelings as you experienced each moment made me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing such a proud moment and high fives and hugs for your medal.
    Keep the pace!
    Mrs. D

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