Book Review-Dr. Dolittle

Because of this pandemic I have been reading quite a bit, and I love animals, as you may have noticed from my Daily Facts, but anyway, I have been reading Dr. Dolittle a LOT, and I feel like my four idols are Steve Irwin, Jack Randall, Jane Goodall, and Dr. Dolittle. I love Hugh Lofting’s Dr. Dolittle books because talking to animals and understanding them is a very possible thing, also Dr. Dolittle never gives up and he’s always trying to help people and I love that. I have been buying the books in volumes, for example, volume 1 has 3 books, volume 2 has 3 books, volume 3 has 3 books and volume 4 has 4 books. I am only on the first book of the second volume. I recommend these books because if you love animals you’re gonna love Dr. Dolittle, also Dr. Dolittle is really inspiring and kind of teaches a lesson in every book, and that’s why I recommend these books and why I love them(REMEMBER, IF YOU’RE GOING TO READ THESE BOOKS BUY THE ONES BY HUGH LOFTING!)

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