Fact Of The Day #26

Did you know, to save their energy, crocodiles will sometimes leave their mouths open against currents of water and wait for fish to just go into their mouths, then they’ll snap their mouths closed!!???    


Yesterday and the week before me and my family went hiking, the first week we went hiking we went to Apache Wash Trail, and on a scale of one to ten of difficulty I would say it was about a 4 or 5. It was really fun, it had an amazing view from the point Read More…

Fact Of The Day #25

Did you know, of all the bird species, the Albatross bird has the largest wingspan, so the Albatross can glide for number of weeks without even landing?!                                                         Read More…

COVID-19 Affecting Grocery Stores

During this hectic time you all may be experiencing some difficulties at grocery stores, or just regular stores! I went to a grocery store today and I saw many people who looked guarded and scared, and others who looked happy and chilled out, it was kind of scary. Some people were so secure they wore Read More…

Fact Of The Day #21

Did you know cows can sleep standing up, but they can only dream lying down? Weird right!?                                                           


So i’m really getting into chalk art, and i’m not so sure what to draw. I was hoping you guys could comment some ideas, thanks!!!