Yesterday and the week before me and my family went hiking, the first week we went hiking we went to Apache Wash Trail, and on a scale of one to ten of difficulty I would say it was about a 4 or 5. It was really fun, it had an amazing view from the point we started and ended. I wouldn’t say it was steep but I wouldn’t say it was a flat trail either. When you begin the hike it starts out to be flat, then as you progress up the mountain you start to feel like the mountain is getting steep, but it’s not, it’s just sloped. The second week me and my family went to Spur Cross, but we hiked Jewel Of The Creek, on this hike for difficulty out of 1 to 10 I would say it’s about 5, you can go the long way or short way, me and my family went the long way, and it’s not sloped. Two thirds of the hike is flat land, and like the other hike, this hike has beautiful sights every inch of the way. You can even see Elephant Mountain throughout the whole hike. Jewel Of The Creek will cross over to the Spur Cross hike too, and also, the hike has a creek that runs along the trail and you can skip rocks and put your feet in the water, it’s so cool. Next week me and my family are going to Black Mountain to hike there, I will keep you guys updated!!!


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