Fact Of The Day #19

Did you know Mongolian Eagle Hunters prefer female eagles because they grow to be stronger, bigger, and more powerful than males. Some people reading this might be thinking, “WHAT THEY HUNT EAGLES??”, but don’t worry they don’t hunt eagles, they train them. Mongolian Eagle Hunters capture eagles(preferably females), BUT, they don’t kill them, the people hunt with the eagles because the people live in complete plain, kind of grassy, land, so the people need help when in need of food. So, after the eagles are captured the hunters feed them from their hand and sort of train it, they train it by putting a dead fox on the ground and dragging it, the hunters will call a signal and the eagles will listen and look where they call, when they see the fox they dive for it. When the eagles trust the hunters, the hunters take it to go hunting with them. When Mongolian hunters go hunting they ride on horseback and have the eagle on their arm, when the hunters reach a point where they feel like the eagles can capture food, they take the mask of the eagle and let it fly and hunt. After several minutes the hunters will call a signal again and the eagles will come back with food for the people of the village and eagles to eat, fascinating stuff right?!




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