I love running, it’s the one thing I’m actually really good at. I run on a track and field course, I run around my block, I run everywhere. When I do track I run a 400x 4, I use batons, shot put, discuss, 400 meter runs, and many more things.I did my schools Cross Country team and we won, I got 6th place. Did you know that running is really good for you, it keeps the blood flowing and muscles moving? I believe that running means freedom no matter where you run, jog, or sprint to. If you are a runner(or want to become one), here are some tips:

  1. Find a pace that you can run at
  2. Always say you’re almost there
  3. Don’t think negative thoughts, think positive
  4. Keep your chest out so your lungs can open up
  5. Use your arms and keep them moving
  6. Move your legs as if they were riding a bicycle, don’t drag your feet
  7. Make sure you don’t jug water before you run, you’ll get cramps!
  8. Look in front of you and find a distance you want to run to, when you get to that distance, make another distance
  9. Keep you head up, don’t look down


“One run can change your day, many runs can change your life”



3 thoughts on “Running

  1. Sofia,
    Your post shows so much passion for the sport! I learned that you throw discus and shot put today. How far is your best throw?
    Keep that passion and engagement fierce.
    Happy Blogging,
    Mrs. D

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